Frequently Asked Questions

How to troubleshoot problem of receiving e-mail ?
Because of the mail server want to scan the spam messages that make the delay time to show the content. We recommend to use or as your e-mail.
How can I deposit to the system ?
We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum, so as to make the demand for the crypto currency network.
How long does it take to deposit my funds ?
The confirmation time usually takes 2 hours for Bitcoin and 10 minutes for Ethereum.
How do I withdraw my wallet ?
You can withdraw only Bitcoin and Ethereum like the deposit process.
How long does it take to withdraw my funds ?
The withdraw process usually takes less than 24 hours.
I have GJM but I can not buy investment package, why ?
You don't have investment quota. You have to buy GJM in trading platform (Buy & Sell menu). And you should to buy investment package instantly after you have enough GJM because of the quota will decrease if the ICO is sold out of each price.