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Global standard, Gold is the best currency backed.
GJM is backed by 99.99% of gold.

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ERC20 Smart Contract Information

Contract Address: 0x97EfF16fbc0B5521b8cc220FeAc98099B0E0B54D
Compiler Text: v0.4.25+commit.59dbf8f1
Name: Gold Jewelry Mining
Symbol: GJM
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 1,500,000,000
Total Sale: 1,000,000,000
Reserved Coin: 500,000,000

ICO Platform

Our GJM price is robust which is tie to stable currency USD. But the other ICO is tie to ETH or BTC that is uncontrollable price. And GJM price is increased continuously which is related with demand and supply.

Trading Platform

After you buy GJM from ICO platform, you can sell on our internal currency exchange trading platform instantly. But the other ICO you have to wait for opening of new currency in external trading system, may be more than 3 - 6 months.

Investment Platform

The key of success is the investment platform that will create the demand for trading platform and ICO platform. Unlike the prior system, stand alone ICO platform or 2 in 1 (ICO and trading platform), 90% of such system will not success.

GJM is the trust ICO that will be switch to STO (Security Token Offering) as soon.


15 August 2018
Platform Development
15 November 2018
Open Pre-sale ICO
15 December 2018
Open Website Frontpage
15 February 2019
Open GJM Coin (99.9% of Gold)
15 May 2019
Open Gold Import/Export Company
15 July 2019
Join 1st External Trading Platform
15 November 2019
Join More External Trading Platform

About Us

We are expert more than 50 years in gold mining, gold business, gold trading, stock or securities exchange. We have contract to many gold mining in the world for example Africa, South East Asia, etc. We have a plan to create the new trust crypto currency that is backed by gold, so we make the Gold Jewelry Mining (GJM). We choose the network of Ethereum that is popular and easy to start of our members, standard ERC20 is selected as our choice. We have researched in many ICO systems, the key point, strong or weak points to be concerned. And then we create the new 3 in 1 platform to solve the early problems and we have beleived that this is the best and stable platform at present.

Our Founder

Mr. Phaithoon Techadanai
Founder of
Gold Jewelry Mining